How to Spot Tax Resolution Scams

You can be scammed doing just about anything nowadays. It’s hard to know who to trust. In the world of tax resolutions, there are a few key factors that separate the scammers from the professionals. You need to know what to look for before you lose money unnecessarily. Here are some easy ways to spot a tax resolution scam:

  • The company makes promises before talking to you. There is no way for a tax resolution firm to know what can and cannot happen with your taxes until they assess your situation. Don’t get looped in with false promises.
  • The company guarantees your success. Tax professionals can do everything possible to make your case look appealing, but the IRS has the final say for approval.
  • You are expected to pay for services upfront with no agreement. While there may be partial payments made upfront, you should be able to work out milestones instead.
  • The company refuses to provide references. Some companies will say they do that for confidentiality reasons, which may be true. However, they should be able to show at least a few testimonials or IRS forms proving their success.

Keep your eyes peeled at all times, and you’ll be able to get the resolution services you need.

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