Since there are so many out there to choose from, be picky when choosing a tax resolution firm. While the majority of companies who do tax resolution are honest and reliable professionals, there are some companies who are in the business of ripping off clients. It can be hard to tell the good companies from the bad, so some investigation on your part may be necessary.
· Check the Better Business Bureau to see the company’s score. Find out the number of complaints and especially the number of unresolved complaints. A basic search online should reveal if others have had problems with the company you are considering. One or two complaints are understandable and perhaps expected, but if you’re seeing a lot of complaints, you should probably stay away. Also keep in mind that less scrupulous firms have been caught creating falsified bad reviews against their competition online. Only the BBB protects against such tactics.
· Thoroughly read the paperwork the firm sends you. There should be specific rates or a flat fee to represent you. Companies like these employ assistants to do a bulk of the basic paperwork and should be willing to charge a lesser rate for their work compared to the work the attorneys do. It shouldn’t cost you $200 per hour to have a secretary send a fax on your behalf.
· Don’t fall for pressure tactics. While you may be in a situation that calls for an immediate need for help, don’t let someone rush you into an agreement without being able to do your research.
· Avoid larger firms. Those with a lot of associates (say, those with eight or more) tend to lose the personal attention tax resolution needs. You can find many clients complaining they get bounced around from one associate to another at these larger firms. These bigger firms also tend to be highly competitive internally, which causes associates to focus on larger commissions instead of the customer.
The best option is the one that fits your budget and schedule. If you have the time and wherewithal to take on your tax problem yourself, perhaps the available free resources will be adequate in resolving your tax debt. Otherwise, you may want to consider professional services such as a tax resolution firm to take care of the problem for you. However, if you are facing not only a tax problem but also a legal issue, you should definitely look to a local tax attorney to step in and represent you.

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