What is Wage Garnishment and How to Stop It?

A Wage Garnishment is when the IRS intends to collect on back taxes through your paychecks. This tactic often catches many people off guard due to the fact they typically find out on payday with little or no notice. BC Tax has helped countless individuals with this problem and can resolve this issue through many different avenues.

In order to release a garnishment you will be required to provide the IRS with an alternative resolution. This typically involves providing a full financial statement. In order to preserve your rights it is recommended that you hire a professional. Contact BC Tax immediately for assistance in preserving your appeal rights.

Here are a few examples of how BC Tax can assist you:

File For an Offer in Compromise

An Offer in Compromise would allow you to pay for your taxes for far less than the amount you actually owe the IRS. This is not an easy way out and offers are often rejected by the IRS when submitted without the help of a tax professional. This is still a viable option and the associates at BC Tax are highly educated in this process which will greatly improve the chances of your offer being accepted.

Enter into an Installment Agreement

An Installment agreement is one of the most common ways to pay off your debt and can be granted if you do not have the capability of paying in full. This method will allow you to make payments in monthly installments. Once a payment plan is approved, BC Tax will ensure the garnishment is released.

These tips will help you ease your tax problems temporarily, if not permanently. In order to get the best resolution possible, it is not recommended that you fight this battle alone. Make sure to ask for assistance from a tax resolution expert.

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